Planet Pasta
April 8, 2009, 2:00 pm
Filed under: Italian


Pasta in the heartlands. I believe its a pretty lucrative business considering that more and more of them alike are sprucing up all over the heartlands. During times like these, when everyone starts scrimping and going easy on their wallets, it sure makes great sense to settle for a plate of “heartlander” pasta.

Bacon Aglio Olio, $5

Pasta Planet has been here, at Golden Mile, for quite sometime already. In fact, i still remember the first time i had his pasta and that was exactly the time his stall first opened. And the end result wasn’t very impressive.

But give him a little more time to season his skills and prolly his frying pan as well and his once unimpressive pasta is now of a better standard. Some pasta stalls use red wine, some use white wine, some substitute the addition of wine with chicken stock. In Planet Pasta’s case, chicken stock is used. Not that i’m against the addition of chicken stock but IMHO, i felt that the addition of wine brings out more flavor.

Aglio Olio (plain), $4

If you like your aglio olio done with red wine like me, then perhaps you’d like to give Mien, located at Bukit Timah’s FC, a shot. If you prefer them done with white wine, then Pasta Manna at Old Airport FC would be my recommended choice. Ultimately, Planet Pasta serves decent pastas at very affordable rates. With prices like these, one certainly cannot expect too much. But do order their garlic bread should you decide to have Planet Pasta someday. Its the best i’ve had so far. =D


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