Casa Verde
March 26, 2009, 2:13 pm
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Prior to our visit to Canale Patissierie, the trio met for lunch at Casa Verde. Like Au Jardin, Casa Verde also happens to be another restaurant managed by Les Amis. Situated within the Botanical Gardens, one cannot help but embrace the sights of the lush greenery surroundings. Comfy rattan sofas were spotted in their outdoor sitting as well. If not for the earlier downpour, the ambience, coupled with the natural sunlight, would have been every photographer’s delight.

Vongole, $18

Vongole, a very common dish served in Italian Restaurants. Spaghetti, Clams and White Wine, what’s not to like about this dish? I usually enjoy my Vongole dry, meaning to say, the spaghetti shouldn’t be swimming in an over supply of white wine “soup”. Casa Verde’s, thankfully, wasn’t like that. It was dry, robust and full of body and flavor.


One word. Awesomeness.

Pizza Prosciutto e Funghi, $20

Tomato, Mozerrella, Ham and Mushroom. Ingredients are plentiful and there was no extra charge for the addition of extra mozerrella. The pizza crust was thin and easily digestable. Compared to Da Paolo, Casa Verde’s was slightly bigger in size but tastewise, i personally preferred the former (DP).

Total bill amounted to $41. The dishes you saw above were shared amongst 3 people. $14/pax is not considerably expensive given the quality of food. My only gripe is that you have to actually walk to the counter to place your orders with the cashier. Its akin to being in Mcdonalds actually. Their only “menu” takes the form of menu display boards at their ordering counter and asian delights, such as Laksa, are also available. It kind of lowers my perceived impression of Casa Verde and gets me wondering whether prices, which are similar to that of other Italian Restaurants, are justifiable.

But then again, its another one of Les Amis’ establishment after all.


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My, my. You beat me to writing a post on casa verde. hahahahah. eh how come on your main page, totally no pictures one. not very attracting people wont click “read more”

Comment by ladyironchef

LOL!! Okie point taken! Haha please remind me to maintain this blog okie. hahaha

Comment by 3layeredtummy

time to update lazy bum : D

Comment by ladyironchef

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